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Section A

11. [A] Discuss the situation with the person in charge of the dormitory.[B] Ask her roommate not to make so much noise.[C] Go to bed after midnight.[D] Send a letter to the residents.

12. [A] Doctor Miller knows the blood test results.[B] The blood test results were made out last night.[C] The blood test results are not available now.[D] The woman is reluctant to tell the results to the man.

13. [A] They are terrible.[B] They fall short of his expectations.[C] They are satisfactory. [D] They are disappointing.

14. [A] Not try to cook the soup so quickly. [B] Keep the heat on high.[C] Keep the heat on low. [D] Pay more attention to his cooking.

15. [A] Both the man and the woman got the flu.[B] Many students caught flu except the man.[C] The school stopped working because of the flu.[D] The Shopping Mall stopped working because of the flu.

16. [A] He enjoyed reading the novel.[B] He hasn』t started reading the novel.[C] He』s not interested in the novel at all.[D] He』ll lend the woman the novel after he has read it.

17. [A] She should invest in the project.[B] She shouldn』t invest in the project.[C] She should invest in other projects.[D] She should deposit her money in a bank.

18. [A] She also plans to get a pet.[B] Dan doesn』t like cat.[C] Animals will soon be allowed in Dan』s building.[D] Dan will give a gift to his relative.Questions 19 to 21 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

19. [A] They are talking about the trip in U.S.』s east coast.[B] They are talking about the tour in LA.[C] They are talking about the trip in U.S.』s west coast.[D] They are discussing Disneyland and Hollywood.

20. [A] It has too many people. [B] It has too few trees.[C] Its transportation.[D] It has too few tourists.

21. [A] Hollywood. [B] Disneyland.[C] San Francisco. [D] New Orleans.Questions 22 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

22. [A] A class assignment. [B] A journalism class.[C] The woman』s job.[D] The man』s work experience.

23. [A] Choosing journalism as a career.[B] People』s reactions to a school play.[C] How to take good photographs.[D] The experiences of the director of a school play.

24. [A] News writer.[B] Director of a play.[C] Photographer.[D] Newspaper editor.

25. [A] Make copies of her article.[B] Write an essay for a literature class.[C] Take the man to a play.[D] Introduce the man to her coworkers.

答案和解析:Section A

11. W: You know the noise in my dorm has gotten really out of control. My roommate and I rarely get to sleep before midnight.M: Why don』t you take the problem up with the dorm supervisor? Q: What does the man suggest the woman do?【解析】選[A]。本題的關鍵在於理解男士的答語,Why don』t you是典型的表建議的句型,take (the problem) up with意為「提出(問題)」,dorm supervisor就是選項[A]中的the person in charge of the dormitory。[B]、[C]、[D]均與對話內容不符。

12. M: Hello. This is Mark Smith. I』m calling to see if my blood test results are in.W: Well. Dr. Miller just sent them to the lab last night. So the earliest they could be back is tomorrow.Q: What do we learn from the conversation?【解析】選[C]。男士問女士說,他打電話想了解一下他的血檢結果是否出來了。女士說Miller醫生昨晚剛把它們送到實驗室,所以最快明天結果才能出來。選項[C]符合對話,即現在不能提供血檢結果。

13. W: Did everything come out exactly as you planned?M: Not exactly. As a matter of fact, things came out rather better than I』d expected.Q: What does the man think of the results?【解析】選[C]。rather better than I』d expected的意思是「比我預想的要好」,由此可知他對事情的進展結果還是比較滿意的。

14. M: Oh, not again. I didn』t expect the soup to dry up so fast.W: Well, didn』t I warn you against keeping the heat on high?Q: What did the woman suggest the man should do?【解析】選[C]。男士說我沒想到湯這麼快就幹了,女士說我不是警告過你不能讓火太大嗎?由此可以推斷,女士認為應把火關小,所以答案為[C]。

15. W: I was surprised to see you and your family at the Shopping Mall yesterday.M: Our junior school closed down because flu broke out.Q: What do we learn from the conversation?【解析】選[C]。close down意為「關閉,歇業」。closed down ≈ stopped working。break out意為「爆發,突然發生」。

16. W: I hope you like the novel I lent you. I wasn』t sure whether it was the kind of book you would be interested in.M: You know, I had the same doubt at first. But once I started I simply couldn』t put it down.Q: What does the man mean?【解析】選[A]。I couldn』t put it down是常用的口語表達方式,意思是「愛不釋手」,用於表示非常喜歡某本書、某個遊戲等。

17. W: I appreciate your professional opinion. Do you think I should invest in the project?M: Under no circumstance should you do that.Q: What does the man mean?【解析】選[B]。男士所說的under no circumstance指「決不」,等於完全不贊同,標明女士在本對話中所說要做的一切都不應做,故選[B]。

18. M: Dan』s talking about getting a cat from one of his relatives.W: Yeah. I hear his apartment building is about to lift the ban on pets.Q: What does the woman mean?【解析】選[C]。本題關鍵在於理解女士的答語,其中be about to指「將要」,lift the ban on意思是「取消禁令」,也就是說Dan所居住的公寓馬上就要取消養寵物的禁令了,[C]是其同義轉述。

Conversation OneM: Hi, Sally. Welcome back. How was the West Coast?W: Terrific. I had a wonderful time. It was really nice to get away from the city for a while.M: What did you think of LA?W: It was all right. I liked it better than I thought I would. It』s very clean and spacious, and it』s got lots of trees. The problem is transportation. The bus service is terrible, and, of course, they don』t have a subway, so it』s a little difficult to get around. We had to rent a car.M: And what did you see?W: Oh, the usual things. We took a drive around Hollywood and looked at the stars homes, and then we went to Universal Studios and Disneyland.M: How did you like Disneyland?W: It was great! We really enjoyed it. We took all the rides, some of them twice, and had lots of fun. I felt just like a kid again.M: Was the weather good?W: Oh, yeah. It was nice and warm in LA and cool but comfortable in San Francisco.M: Cool in San Francisco? That』s surprising.W: Yeah, it surprised us a bit, too. We didn』t take any sweaters or anything. But they say it』s always like that in August. Anyway, I just loved it.Questions 19 to 21 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

19. What are the two speakers doing?【解析】選[C]。聽對話,注意開頭部分,由開頭的問句How was the West Coast?可知他們在談論西海岸的旅行。

20. What is the problem of LA?【解析】選[C]。聽音時注意和城市問題相關的信息The problem is transportation。聽問題,問LA城市存在的問題,[C]為細節再現。

21. Which did the woman not visit?【解析】選[D]。聽音時地點名詞處及時做筆記:Hollywood,Disneyland,San Francisco。聽問題,問女士沒有參觀的地點。只有New Orleans在文中沒有提到。

Conversation TwoM: So you』re going to be writing for the school newspaper?W: Yes, I』m excited about it. I』m thinking about journalism as a career.M: Oh! Congratulations! How do they decide whom to hire?W: I have to send the writing sample. I used one of the essays I』ve written for the literature class, then the editor assigned me a topic to write a short article about it.M: What did you write about?W: Actually, it was a lot of fun. I wrote about the students play that has been performing this month.M: Oh, I saw that play. The director is a friend of mine. It really called in a stir around here.W: Yeah, I know. That』s what I wrote about— People』s reaction to it. It』s really interesting.M: Have you finished the article? Can I read it?W: Sure. I just made a couple of copies. So you can have one.M: Thanks. I wish I were a better writer. Working for the paper sounds like lots of fun.W: Well, they』re looking to add one or two photographers to the staff.M: You』re kidding! Maybe I』ll go over and apply.W: If you want we could walk over to the newspaper office and I』ll introduce you to the photography editor and some of the other photographers.M: That will be terrific! But can we go tomorrow? I have to go to math class now. And if we go tomorrow, then I』ll have time tonight to gather a portfolio of photographs to show them.W: Sure. Or maybe you should call and set up a time to meet tomorrow.M: Good idea. I』ll do that before I go to class.W: All right. See you tomorrow.Questions 22 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

22. What are the speakers mainly discussing?【解析】選[C]。聽音時注意對話開始部分,根據女士的話thinking about journalism as a career. 可知他們談論的是女士的工作。career相當於job。

23. What was the topic of the woman』s article?【解析】選[B]。聽對話,捕捉與校園戲劇有關的信息,That』s what I wrote about it. People』s reaction to it,其中「it」指的是前面提到的school play。由此可知女士文章的主題。

24. What job is the man going to apply for?【解析】選[C]。聽音時注意與職業相關的信息。女士說they』re looking...photographers,男士回答May be I』ll go over and apply,其中photographers做筆記。聽問題,問男士準備申請的工作,應該是攝影師。

25. What will the woman do tomorrow?【解析】選[D]。聽音時捕捉[C]、[D]中出現的動詞,女士說I』ll introduce you to...,做筆記。 聽問題,問女士明天將做什麼,[D]為細節再現。