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[美劇] 星際之門 SG1/Stargate SG-1 全集第1季第1集劇本完整版

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Man, this hand's as lousy as this detail.


All right, everybody, ante up.

=> 好的,大家都吃了。

That's you, too.

=> 那也是你。

Seven to the deuce, nothing there.

=> 七到平手,什麼都沒有。

Boss and the eight, nothing happening.

=> 老闆和八,沒有什麼事情發生。

Queen to the King.

=> 女王對國王。

|Possible straight going there.


Eight on the eight.

=> 八點八。

And the Jack gets a boss.

=> 傑克得到一個老闆。

Eight's open.

=> 八的開放。

Aren't you guys afraid of|an officer coming down here? Trust me,|nobody ever comes down here but us.

=> 你們不是怕一個官員來這裡嗎?相信我,除了我們之外,沒有人會來到這裡。

Does that thing always do that? Do what?|Whatever it is under the tarp.

=> 那東西總是這樣做嗎?做什麼?|無論是在油布下。

I just saw it move or do something.

=> 我只是看到它移動或做一些事情。

Probably the only thing it ever did|was cost money.

=> 它可能是唯一的一件事是花錢。

It looks like they ran out.

=> 看起來他們跑了出去。

|They keep shipping personnel outta here.


I'm telling you, the thing is moving! If you don't have the straight, just fold.

=> 我告訴你,事情正在發生。如果你沒有直線,就摺疊。

Can we take that as a fold? Just finish the hand.

=> 我們可以把它作為一個摺疊?剛剛完成手。

She's out.

=> 她出去了

(rumbling) What the? Whoa! I take it this has never happened before.

=> (隆隆)什麼?哇!我認為這從來沒有發生過。

(guns cocked) What are you doing? (guard) What are you doing? Don't touch it! (gasps) Hold your fire! Identify Hold it! Identify yourself! (distorted) Jaffa! Kree! (distorted) Teal'c! Kree! Get your hands off me! Let her go! Aaargh! (distorted) Jaffa! Aaaaaargh! Argh! (distant alarm) (distorted) Tyger.

=> (槍cock)你在幹什麼? (警衛)你在做什麼?不要碰它! (喘氣)握住你的火!識別拿著它!證明你的身份! (扭曲)雅法!克里! (扭曲)Teal'c!克里!把你的手從我身上拿開!讓她走! Aaargh! (扭曲)雅法! Aaaaaargh!哎呀! (遙遠的警報)(扭曲)Tyger。

A-lada spryng.

=> A-lada spryng。

Go! Go! (alarm blares) (guns cocked) Hold your fire! (insects chirrup) (soldier) Sir, there's a ladder over here.

=> 走!走! (警報爆炸)(槍支豎起)握住你的火! (蟲子)(士兵)先生,這裡有一個梯子。

(footsteps) Colonel Jack O'Neill? Retired.

=> (腳步聲)Jack O'Neill上校?退休。

I'm Major Samuels.

=> 我是塞繆爾少校。

Air Force? Yes, sir.

=> 空軍?是的先生。

|I'm the General's Executive Officer.


Want a little piece of advice, Major? Get re-assed to NASA.

=> 想要一點建議嗎?重新認可NASA。

That's where all the action's gonna be.

=> 這就是所有的行動將會發生的地方。

Out there.

=> 在那裡。

I'm, uh, under orders to bring you|to see General Hammond, sir.

=> 我是,呃,下命令帶你去見哈蒙德將軍,先生。

- Never heard of him.

=>- 從來沒有聽說過他。

|- He replaced General West.

=>|- 他取代了西方將軍。

He says it's important.

=> 他說這很重要。

|Has to do with the Stargate.


SUB-LEVEL (PA)|Tag team number nine to sub-level two, vent shaft twenty-four.

=> SUB-LEVEL(PA)|標籤隊號碼九到二級,通風井二十四。

We have to take a second elevator|the rest of the way.

=> 我們必須在第二個電梯里休息。

It's a long way down.

=> 這是一個很長的路要走。

Yeah, I know.

=> 是的,我知道。

I've been here before.

=> 我以前來過這裡


=> 啊。

Of course.

=> 當然。

This way, sir.

=> 這樣,先生。

(knock on door) Come.

=> (敲門)來吧。

General Hammond, Colonel Jack O'Neill.

=> 哈蒙德將軍,傑克·奧尼爾上校。


=> 退休。

I can see that.

=> 我理解了。

Me, I'm on my last tour.

=> 我,我正在上一次巡演。

Time to get my thoughts together,|write a book.

=> 把時間放在一起,寫一本書。

You ever think of writing about|your exploits in the line of duty? I've thought about it.

=> 你有沒有想過在履行職責時寫下你的功績呢?我想過了。

But then I'd have to shoot anyone|that actually read it.

=> 但是我不得不去拍攝任何真正閱讀它的人。

That's a joke, sir.

=> 先生,這是個玩笑。

Most of my work|the past ten years was classified.

=> 我過去十年的大部分工作都被歸類了。

Yes, of course.

=> 當然是。

Major Samuels mentioned the Stargate.

=> 塞繆爾少校提到了星際之門。

Down to business.

=> 下到業務。

I can do that.

=> 我可以做到這一點。

|This way.


(Hammond) Anyone you know, Colonel? They're not human.

=> (哈蒙德)你知道嗎,上校?他們不是人。

You think(?) Best we can tell, these slits are a pouch,|similar to that found on a marsupial.

=> 你認為(?)最好的我們可以告訴,這些縫隙是一個袋,類似於在有袋動物上發現的。

(Samuels) Like a kangaroo.

=> (Samuels)就像一隻袋鼠。

(Doctor) We haven't done an autopsy yet.

=> (醫生)我們還沒有做過屍檢。

These people, or aliens,|whatever you want to call them, came through, killed four of my people,|and kidnapped another, using advanced weapons.

=> 這些人或外星人,無論你想怎麼稱呼他們,都是經過我的人民遇害的,並用先進的武器綁架了另外一個人。

Weapons, sir? We can't figure out how they operate.

=> 武器,先生?我們無法弄清楚它們是如何運作的。

(sizzles) Seen one before, I take it? Yes, sir.

=> (s))以前看過,我拿?是的先生。

But there are no creatures like this|on Abydos.

=> 但是Abydos上沒有這樣的生物。

Those people were human.

=> 那些人是人。

|They were from Earth.


Ra brought 'em there|thousands of years ago.

=> Ra在幾千年前帶來了他們。

I know all about that.

=> 我知道這一切。

But your report said Ra was some kind|of alien that lived inside a human body.

=> 但是你的報告說鐳是某種生活在人體內的外星人。

Yeah, his eyes glowed.

=> 是的,他的眼睛閃閃發光。

|That was our first clue.


Are you sure he's dead, Colonel? Unless he could survive a tactical|nuclear warhead blown up in his face, positive.

=> 你確定他死了,上校?除非他能夠在他面前炸掉的戰術核彈頭倖存下來,否則是肯定的。

Why? Colonel, these people, or whatever they are, were guarding another man|who retreated back through the Stargate.

=> 為什麼?上校,這些人,不管他們在做什麼,都守著另一個通過星際之門退後的人。

I got a good look at his eyes, Colonel.

=> 我仔細看了他的眼睛,上校。

They glowed.

=> 他們發光。

How do you feel about|the Stargate mission, Colonel? - How do you mean?|- It's been over a year.

=> 你覺得星際之門的任務,上校怎麼樣? - 你是說什麼意思? - 已經一年多了

- Has your perspective changed?|- Well, sir, I - Was that|- Kawalsky and Ferretti, yes.

=>- 你的觀點改變了嗎? - 呃,先生,我 - 是 -Kawalsky和Ferretti,是的。

They were under your command|on the first mission.

=> 他們在第一次任務中是在你的指揮下。

Tell me about Daniel Jackson, Colonel.

=> 告訴我丹尼爾傑克遜,上校

Why are they questioning my men? They're not your men any more.

=> 他們為什麼質疑我的男人?他們不再是你的男人了。

|You retired.


Daniel Jackson.

=> 丹尼爾傑克遜

- You read the report?|- Yes.

=>- 你看報告了嗎? - 是的。

It's all there.

=> 都在那裡

Is it? What's this all about, General? - You didn't like Daniel Jackson.

=> 是嗎?將軍是什麼? - 你不喜歡丹尼爾·傑克遜。

|- Daniel was a scientist.


He sneezed a lot.

=> 他打噴嚏了很多。

Basically he was a geek, sir.

=> 先生,基本上他是個怪人。

- You didn't have a lot of time for him.

=>- 你沒有多少時間給他。

|- I didn't say that.

=>|- 我沒那麼說

He also saved my life and found|the way home for my men and me.

=> 他還拯救了我的生命,並為我的男人和我找到了回家的路。

A little thing like that|makes a person grow on you.

=> 像這樣的小事讓一個人在你身上成長。

According to the mission brief, your orders were|to go through the Stargate, to detect any possible threat to Earth,|and, if found, to detonate a nuclear device|and destroy the gate on the other side.

=> 根據任務摘要,你的命令要通過星際之門,以檢測對地球的任何可能的威脅,如果發現的話,引爆核設備,並摧毀對方的大門。


=> 是。

But that's not what you did, is it? Not right away.

=> 但那不是你做的,是嗎?不是馬上

Ra's forces overpowered my team and|took the weapon before I could arm it.

=> 鐳的部隊壓倒了我的團隊,並拿走了武器,然後才能武裝起來。

But, with Dr Jackson's help,|you regained control, and did detonate the weapon, yes? Yes.

=> 但是,在傑克遜博士的幫助下,你重新獲得了控制權,並引爆了武器,是的?是。

So, to the best of your knowledge,|Daniel Jackson, and everyone else you knew on Abydos,|is dead, correct? That's correct.

=> 所以,就你所知,丹尼爾·傑克遜和你在阿比多斯所認識的其他人都是死的,對嗎?這是正確的。


=> 好。

Then you won't mind if I authorise|a go-ahead on our plan.

=> 那麼如果我批准我們的計劃,你就不介意了。

This quartz material|the Stargates are made of must be tough stuff|if it can withstand a Mark 3.

=> 這種石英材料| Stargates是必須的堅韌的東西|如果它能承受一個馬克3。

It was flattened on the other end.


Obviously, the Abydos Stargate|had been buried in the rubble.

=> 很明顯,阿比多斯·星際之門被埋在瓦礫中。

But somehow it got unburied.

=> 但不知何故,它沒有埋葬。

Oh, my God.

=> 哦,我的上帝。

You're sending another bomb? Mark five this time.

=> 你正在發送另一個炸彈?馬克五這次。

If these creatures did reopen the gate,|we intend to reseal it for good.

=> 如果這些生物重新打開了大門,我們打算重新封好。

General, you can't do that.

=> 一般,你不能這樣做。

Countdown's already started.

=> 倒計時已經開始

Unless you have something to add.

=> 除非你有什麼補充。

General Hammond, sir? I regret to inform you that my report|was not entirely accurate.

=> 哈蒙德先生,先生?我很遺憾地通知你,我的報告並不完全準確。

You didn't detonate the bomb.

=> 你沒有引爆炸彈。

Oh, I did,|and it was aboard Ra's spacecraft, so it did kill him|and eliminate the risk to Earth.

=> 哦,我做了,這是在Ra的飛船上,所以它殺了他,並消除了地球的危險。

- However?|- However Ra's ship was in orbit|above the planet at the time.

=>- 但是?|- 然而,Ra的船在軌道上,當時在地球上方。

Neither the gate nor anything else|on the planet was destroyed.

=> 地球上的大門和其他任何東西都沒有被破壞。

Daniel Jackson is alive|and living with the people on Abydos.

=> 丹尼爾·傑克遜活著,和阿比多斯的人民生活在一起。

You violated orders.

=> 你違反了命令。

Why? The people are no threat.

=> 為什麼?人民沒有威脅。

|They should be left alone.


- That's not up to you.

=>- 這不是你的。

|- With all due respect, if I'd come back and reported the gate|was still intact, we would've sent another bomb,|just like you were about to.

=>|- 盡我們最誠摯的敬意,如果我回來報告大門仍然完好無損,那麼我們就會發出另一個炸彈,就像你剛才那樣。

It wasn't necessary for them to die.

=> 他們沒有必要死。

The threat from Ra was gone.

=> Ra的威脅消失了。

What about the probe we sent?|It was crushed.

=> 我們發送的探針怎麼樣?|它被壓碎了。

After we came home,|Daniel buried the gate in rocks, making my return|or anybody else's impossible.

=> 我們回到家之後,丹尼爾把大門埋在岩石里,使我的回報無法回到其他人身上。

Those four bodies in the infirmary|say otherwise, Airman.

=> 空軍的那四個機構|否則不說。

We'll send the bomb through on schedule.

=> 我們會按時發送炸彈。

General, you can't! Oh, I can't? - There are innocent people there.

=> 一般,你不能!哦,我不能?那裡有無辜的人

|- There are innocent people here! I have my orders too, Colonel.

=>|- 這裡有無辜的人!我也有我的命令,上校。

I obey mine.

=> 我遵守我的

Take Colonel O'Neill|to the holding room.

=> 把奧尼爾上校帶到收容室。

Let's give him time to think,|while I decide what to do with him.

=> 讓我們給他時間思考,而我決定如何處理他。

Sergeant Colonel O'Neill, sir.

=> 先生,奧尼爾上校警官。

I'm retired, Kawalsky.

=> 我退休了,Kawalsky。

|Lose the salute.


Me and Ferretti didn't tell them anything.

=> 我和法拉帝沒有告訴他們任何事情。

I appreciate that.

=> 我很感激。

Hey, those kids on Abydos|saved my life, too.

=> 嘿,Abydos上的那些孩子也拯救了我的生命。


=> 是啊。

The kids.

=> 孩子們。

They're the whole reason|we kept it secret.

=> 他們是我們保守秘密的全部原因。

Right? Yeah.

=> 對?是啊。

That one kid idolised you.

=> 那個孩子把你崇拜了

|Remember him? Weird name What was it? Skaara.

=>|還記得他嗎?奇怪的名字是什麼? Skaara。


=> 對。

Remember how he was always|saluting you? Yeah.

=> 還記得他總是在向你致敬嗎?是啊。

My kid used to do that|when he was little.

=> 我小時候常常這樣做。

Skaara kinda reminded me of him.

=> Skaara有點讓我想起他。

Oh, man, Colonel! We went through|that whole mission together.

=> 哦,夥計,上校!我們一起完成了整個任務。

I never even knew you had a son.

=> 我從來不知道你有一個兒子。

Well, he died.

=> 那麼,他死了。

Just before the Abydos mission.

=> 在Abydos使命之前。

I'm sorry, sir, I had no idea.

=> 對不起,先生,我不知道。

How many people did you say|are on Abydos? That we saw, maybe five thousand.

=> 你有多少人在Abydos上?我們看到,也許是五千。

Does this mean you're reconsidering|sending the bomb, sir? It means I'm open to suggestions.

=> 先生,這是否意味著你在重新考慮炸彈?這意味著我願意接受建議。

General, let me take a team|through that gate.

=> 將軍,讓我通過那個大門。

We'll find out who those aliens are.

=> 我們會找出那些外星人是誰

Kawalsky and I have been there.

=> Kawalsky和我一直在那裡。

|We know the land, the people.


You think you do.

=> 你以為你呢。

Jackson could be dead.

=> 傑克遜可能死了。

|You don't know what you'd find.


Sir, there is one way to find out.

=> 主席先生,有一個方法可以找出答案。


=> 對。

We'll have the prototype probe|shipped from MIT.

=> 我們將有MIT的原型探針。

General, we don't need that probe.

=> 一般來說,我們不需要這個探針。

- We don't?|- No.

=>- 我們不?

This'll do.

=> 這會做。

(woman) Machine overload.

=> (女)機器超載。

(man) Roger.

=> (男)羅傑。

(PA) Chevron four, encoded! Care to explain this concept? Chevron five, encoded! Jackson has allergies.

=> (PA)雪佛蘭四,編碼!小心解釋這個概念?雪佛龍五,編碼!傑克遜過敏。

I get it.

=> 我知道了。

He'll know this came from me,|and not from someone, with all due respect, sir,|like yourself.

=> 他會知道這是從我這裡來的,而不是從某人那裡得到的,先生,和你一樣。

Up one level.

=> 上一級。

SEQUENCE IN PROGRESS Chevron six encoded.

=> 序列正在進行雪佛龍六編碼。

(man) OK, all clear, sequence five SEQUENCE COMPLETE Chevron seven, lock.

=> (man)OK,全部清除,順序五,SEQUENCE COMPLETE Chevron七,鎖定。

(Stargate gurgles) (splashes) The, um, object, should reach|final destination in five seconds.

=> (星際之門gogles)(飛濺)這個,這個,物體,應該在5秒之內到達最終的目的地。

Four, three, two, one.

=> 四,三,二,一。

|TRACKING The object should now be through|the Abydos Stargate.

=>|跟蹤對象現在應該通過| Abydos Stargate。

- Now what?|- (O'Neill) Now we wait.

=>- 現在呢?|(奧尼爾)現在我們等一下。

If Daniel's around,|he'll know what the message means.

=> 如果丹尼爾在附近,他會知道信息的含義。

What if the aliens get it? Well, they could be blowing their noses|right now.

=> 如果外星人得到它呢?那麼他們現在可以吹鼻子了。

They could be planning an attack.

=> 他們可能正在計劃一次襲擊。

Aw, come on, Samuels.

=> 哦,來吧,塞繆爾。

Let me be the cynic around here, OK? Sir, this could take some time.

=> 讓我成為這裡的憤世嫉俗者,好嗎?主席先生,這可能需要一些時間。

(rumbling) THANKS|SEND MORE Permission to take a team|through the Stargate, sir? Assuming I get|the President's authorisation, the mission briefing|will be at 0800 hours.

=> (轟隆隆的)感謝|發送更多通過星際之門採取團隊的許可權,先生?假設我得到總統的授權,任務簡報將在8點。

Consider yourself recalled|to active duty, Colonel.

=> 考慮你自己現在回憶起來,上校。

(Samuels) Ten hut! (Hammond) Gentlemen, take your seats.

=> (塞繆爾)十個小屋! (哈蒙德)先生們,請坐下。

- Where's Captain Carter?|- Just arriving, sir.

=>- 卡特船長在哪裡? - 剛到,先生。

Carter? I'm assigning Sam Carter to this mission.

=> 卡特?我正在分配山姆·卡特來執行這個任務。

I'd prefer to put together my own team.

=> 我寧願把自己的隊伍放在一起。

Not on this mission.

=> 不在這個任務上。


=> 抱歉。

|Carter's our expert on the Stargate.


Where's he transferring from? She is transferring|from the Pentagon.

=> 他從哪裡轉移?她正從五角大樓轉移。

I take it you're Colonel O'Neill.

=> 我認為你是奧尼爾上校。

|Captain Samantha Carter reporting, sir.


But, of course, you go by Sam? You don't have to worry, Major.

=> 但是,當然,你走過山姆?你不必擔心,少校

|I played with dolls when I was a kid.


GI Joe? No, Major Matt Mason.

=> 特種部隊?不,馬特梅森少校。

Oh Who? Astronaut doll.

=> 哦,誰?宇航員娃娃。

Did you have|that backpack that made him fly? (Hammond) Let's get started.

=> 你有沒有讓他飛的背包? (哈蒙德)讓我們開始吧。

Colonel? Thank you.

=> 上校?謝謝。

Those of you on your first trip|through the gate should be prepared|for what to expect.

=> 你們第一次來的那些人,應該準備好期待什麼。

I memorised your report|from the first mission.

=> 我從第一個任務中記下你的報告。

I've been preparing for this all my life.

=> 我一直在為這一切做準備。

What the Colonel is saying is, have you ever pulled out of|a simulated bombing run at 8-plus g's? Yes.

=> 上校在說什麼,你有沒有從8加g的模擬轟炸中撤出?是。

Well, it's way worse than that.

=> 那麼比這更糟。

By the time you get to the other side|you're frozen stiff.

=> 當你到達另一邊時,你會僵硬僵硬。



That's due to the compression|your molecules undergo.

=> 這是由於你的分子經受了壓縮。

Oh, here we go.

=> 哦,我們走了。

Another scientist.

=> 另一位科學家。

General, please.

=> 一般,請。

Theoretical astrophysicist.

=> 理論天體物理學家。

Which means? Which means she's smarter|than you are, Colonel.

=> 意思是?這意味著她比你更聰明,上校。

Especially in matters|related to the Stargate.

=> 特別是與星際之門有關的事情。

I was studying gate technology|before Daniel Jackson made it work, and before you both went through.

=> 在丹尼爾·傑克遜開始工作之前,在你們兩人經歷之前,我正在學習門技術。

|I should have gone through then.


But you and your men should accept|that I am going through this time.

=> 但是你和你的男人應該接受我正在經歷這個時間。

Well, with all due respect, Doctor, I It is proper to refer|to a person by rank, not their salutation.

=> 那麼,醫生,我應該尊重他人,而不是他們的稱呼。

You should call me Captain, not Doctor.

=> 你應該叫我船長,而不是醫生。

Captain Carter's assignment to this unit|is not an option, it's an order.

=> 卡特船長的任務不是一個選項,而是一個命令。

I'm an Air Force officer, just like you.

=> 我是一名空軍軍官,就像你一樣。

And just because my reproductive organs|are on the inside, not the outside, doesn't mean I can't handle|whatever you can handle.

=> 只因為我的生殖器官在內而不在外,並不意味著我無法處理。

Oh, this has nothing to do|with you being a woman.

=> 哦,這與你做女人沒有任何關係。

(clears throat) I like women.

=> (清除喉嚨)我喜歡女人。

I've just got|a little problem with scientists.

=> 我剛剛與科學家有一點問題。

Colonel, I logged over 100 hours|in enemy airspace during the Gulf War.

=> 上校,在海灣戰爭期間,我在敵方領空登記了超過100個小時。

Is that tough enough for you? Or do we have to arm-wrestle? (clears throat) I hate to throw a damper|on your enthusiasm, but I still say the safest,|most logical way to deal with this is to bury the Stargate,|just like the ancient Egyptians did.

=> 這對你來說夠難嗎?還是我們必須掰手腕? (清除喉嚨)我不想放棄你的熱情,但我仍然認為對付這個最安全,最合乎邏輯的方法是把星際之門埋葬,就像古埃及人一樣。

Then the aliens couldn't return.

=> 然後外星人不能回來。

- Eliminate the threat.

=> - 消除威脅。

|- It won't work.

=>|- 它不會工作。

It worked before.

=> 它以前工作。

They know what we are now.

=> 他們知道我們現在是什麼。

They know how far we've come.

=> 他們知道我們到了多遠。

We're a threat to them.

=> 我們是對他們的威脅。

They've got ships, General.

=> 將軍,他們有船。

Ra had one as big as the great pyramids.

=> 鐳有一個像大金字塔一樣大。

|They don't need the Stargate to get here.


They can do it the old-fashioned way.

=> 他們可以以老式的方式做到這一點。

Now, with all due respect to Mr Glass-is-half-empty over here, can't we use the Stargate to do reconnaissance|before they decide to come back? Again? I'll give you exactly 24 hours to either|return or send a message through.

=> 現在,在這裡,格拉斯先生對此一due不振,我們不能在他們決定回來之前用星際之門做偵察嗎?再次?我會給你24小時的時間來回復或發送信息。

No Kleenex boxes, please.

=> 沒有Kleenex箱子,請。

Otherwise, we'll assume the worst|and send a bomb through.

=> 否則,我們將承擔最壞的事情,並通過發送炸彈。


=> 了解。

Try to follow orders this time, Colonel.

=> 這次試著聽命令,上校。

Sir? This time you bring Daniel Jackson back.

=> 先生?這次你把丹尼爾傑克遜帶回來。

|Is that clear? Yes, sir.


Move out! Captain Don't worry, Colonel, I won't let you down.

=> 搬出去!上校別擔心,上校,我不會讓你失望的。


=> 好。

I was gonna say "ladies first".

=> 我會說「女士第一」。

You really will like me|when you get to know me.

=> 當你認識我時,你真的會喜歡我。

Oh, I adore you already, Captain.

=> 哦,我已經崇拜你了,船長。

My God! Look at this! The energy the gate must release|to create a stable wormhole! It's It's astronomical,|to use exactly the right word.

=> 天哪!看這個!大門必須釋放能量以創造一個穩定的蟲洞!這是天文數字,使用正確的詞。

(splashes) You can actually see the fluctuations|in the event horizon.

=> (飛濺)您實際上可以看到事件視界中的波動。

(Carter) Ugh I think I'm gonna be sick.

=> (卡特)呃,我想我會生病的。

Ugh Maybe you shouldn't have had|that big lunch, huh? Cha'hari! Cha'hari.

=> 呃也許你不應該吃那麼大的午餐吧? Cha'hari! Cha'hari。

Lower your guns.

=> 放下你的槍。

(murmuring) Hello, Jack.

=> (抱怨)傑克,你好。

Uh, welcome back.

=> 呃,歡迎回來。


=> Skaara。


=> 奧尼爾。

(both laugh) I did not think|to be seeing you again.

=> (都笑)我沒想到會再次見到你。

Daniel, how you doing? Uh, good.

=> 丹尼爾,你好嗎?呃,好。

You? Much better,|now that I see everybody's OK.

=> 您?好多了,現在我看到大家都好了。

Greetings from Earth, Dr Jackson.

=> 來自地球的問候,傑克遜博士。

Hello, Ferretti.

=> 你好,Ferretti。

Brought you a little something, Daniel.

=> 丹尼爾給你帶來了一點兒


=> Kawalsky。

Sha're don't be shy.

=> Sha're不要害羞。


=> 你好。

Good to see you again.

=> 很高興再次見到你。

So, I figured it was only a matter of time|before you had to tell the truth - about us still being here.

=> 所以,我認為在你說實話之前只是一個時間問題 - 關於我們還在這裡。

|- Yep.

=>|- 是的

Why the militia?|Has something else come through? No, just taking precautions.

=> 為什麼是民兵?還有別的事情來過嗎?不,只是採取預防措施。

Why? (Carter) Amazing.

=> 為什麼? (卡特)令人驚嘆。

This is what was missing from the dig at Giza.

=> 這是從吉薩挖掘中所遺漏的。

This is how they controlled it.

=> 這是他們如何控制它。

It took us 1 5 years and three supercomputers to MacGyver|a system for the gate on Earth.

=> 我們用了15年的時間和三台超級計算機去MacGyver |一個地球上的大門系統。

- (O'Neill) Captain?|- Look how small it is.

=>- (奧尼爾)船長? - 看看它有多小。

Captain! Oh, right.

=> 隊長!啊對。

Excuse me.

=> 打擾一下。

Dr Jackson, I presume.

=> 傑克遜博士,我想。

I'm Dr Samantha Carter.

=> 我是Samantha Carter博士

Don't you want to be called Captain? What's going on, Jack? Six hostile aliens|came through the Stargate on Earth.

=> 你不想被稱為上尉?傑克,怎麼了?六個敵對的外星人來自地球上的星際之門。

Four people are dead, one's missing.

=> 四個人死了,一個人失蹤。

One of them looked like Ra, Daniel.

=> 其中一人看起來像拉,丹尼爾。

Well, they didn't come from here.

=> 那麼他們不是從這裡來的。

The boys take shifts guarding it|36 hours a day, every day.

=> 男孩每天36小時都要輪班守衛它。

We'd know if they came through here.

=> 我們知道他們是否經過這裡。

Well, they came from somewhere, Daniel.

=> 那麼,他們來自某個地方,丹尼爾。

|I'm gonna have to look around.


l-I can help you find out who it was, but, uh, it's gonna have to wait|till this sandstorm is over.

=> 我可以幫你找出是誰,但是,這個沙塵暴已經結束了。

Uh, we were about to have|our evening meal.

=> 呃,我們正準備晚餐。

Why don't you join us? (howling wind) (Jackson) Everybody try this.

=> 你為什麼不加入我們? (嚎風)(傑克遜)大家試試這個。

This, too.

=> 這個也是。

What's this? Drink.

=> 這是什麼?喝。

Moonshine? Moon shine? Yeah, moonshine.

=> 月光?月亮閃耀?是的,月光

As in booze.

=> 如在酒中。

Uh Daniel, what do you teach these kids? Try it.

=> 呃丹尼爾,你教這些孩子什麼?嘗試一下。

All right.

=> 好吧。

Skaara's moonshine.

=> Skaara的月光

|I'll give it a little shot.


Oh God! (laughter) (rasps) Smooth, very smooth.

=> 天啊! (笑)(銼)光滑,非常光滑。

Moonshine! Your little soldiers|are all grown up, Colonel.

=> 月光!你的小兵都長大了,上校。

(feebly) Yeah.

=> (無力)是的。

I'm so proud.

=> 我很自豪。

Whoa O'Neill Your lighter.

=> 哇奧尼爾你的打火機。


=> 沒有。

It's yours.

=> 是你的。

I gave that to you to keep.

=> 我把這個給你保存。

Remember? Thank you.

=> 記得?謝謝。

He's never been without that|while you were gone.

=> 在你離開的時候,他從來沒有這樣做過。

Yeah? So, this|This man who looked like Ra must've come through another gate.

=> 是嗎?所以,這個像Ra的人一定是經過另一個大門。

What gate? The Stargate only goes here.

=> 什麼門?星際之門只去這裡。

- No.

=>- 沒有


=> 沒有。

I think you're wrong.

=> 我想你錯了。

|- (Carter) I was there.

=>|- (卡特)我在那裡。

We ran hundreds of permutations.

=> 我們跑了數百個排列。

You didn't have what you need.

=> 你沒有你需要的東西。

What are you talking about? Daniel, the storm has passed.

=> 你在說什麼?丹尼爾,風暴已經過去了。

I'll show you.

=> 我會給你看。

Sha're, ben quar ri, Jack and his friends - to see the vili tao an.

=> Sha're,Ben quar ri,傑克和他的朋友們 - 看到了這個vili tao。

(onlookers whoop) (laughter) Goodbye, my Daniel.



=> 再見。

- Hold the fort.

=>- 拿著堡壘

|- Yes, sir.

=>|- 是的,先生。

Boy, I can't say I missed this place.

=> 男孩,我不能說我錯過了這個地方。

Come on.

=> 來吧。

This is just incredible.

=> 這簡直太不可思議了。

(flames crackle) So, l-I figured that there had to be more|to this place, so I started exploring.

=> (火焰爆裂)所以,我認為必須有更多的這個地方,所以我開始探索。

Just around town|and the pyramid at first.

=> 剛開始就在城鎮和金字塔周圍。

After a month, I found this place.

=> 一個月後,我找到了這個地方。

Uh, Captain Doctor,|you're gonna love this.

=> 呃,醫生船長,你會喜歡這個的。

(Carter) Oh, my God, this is amazing! (Carter) This is the archaeological find|of the century.

=> (卡特)哦,我的天啊,太神奇了! (卡特)這是本世紀的考古發現。

(O'Neill) Daniel, you had a chance|to translate this yet? I think so.

=> (奧尼爾)丹尼爾,你有機會翻譯這個嗎?我想是這樣。

What's it say? (Jackson) Well, uh,|it doesn't say anything.

=> 這是什麼意思? (傑克遜)恩,呃,它什麼也沒說。

Actually it's sort of a chart,|more of a map.

=> 其實這是一個圖表,更多的地圖。

Of? I haven't analysed all of it.

=> 的?我沒有分析全部。

I mean, look at it, it would take my whole life.

=> 我的意思是,看它,這將需要我一生。

Well, Daniel, we don't have that long.

=> 那麼,丹尼爾,我們沒那麼久。

|What's it a map of? Well, the cartouches|are separated into groupings, each attached to the others|with a series of lines.


Each grouping of glyphs has 7 symbols.

=> 每個字形的分組有7個符號。

|So, you can see where this is going.


Tell us anyway.

=> 無論如何告訴我們。

All of the symbols are on the Stargate|in the Abydos chamber.

=> 所有的符號都在Abydos房間的Stargate上。

I've also charted some of them|in the Abydos night sky, or at least pretty close.

=> 我也在Abydos夜空中畫出了一些,或者至少非常接近。

Jack, I think that this is a map of a a vast network of Stargates,|Stargates all over the galaxy.

=> 傑克,我認為這是一個龐大的Stargates網路的地圖,Stargates遍布銀河系。

I don't think that can be, Doctor.

=> 醫生,我不認為可以。

Why not? After Colonel O'Neill came back, my team|tried hundreds of symbol permutations.

=> 為什麼不?奧尼爾上校回來后,我的團隊嘗試了數百個符號排列。

It never worked.

=> 它從來沒有工作。

I tried here and it didn't work.

=> 我在這裡試過,但沒有奏效。

But I figured the destinations I tried|were destroyed or buried.

=> 但是我想到了我試過的目的地被毀壞或被埋沒了。

But, um, some of them|somewhere must still exist.

=> 但是,呃其中一些地方一定還是存在的。

I don't think so.

=> 我不這麼認為。

Then where did your Ra lookalike|come from? I know nothing about astrophysics,|but couldn't the planets change? I mean, uh,|drift apart or something like that, to throw this map off.

=> 那麼你的Ra從哪裡來?我對天體物理學一無所知,但行星卻不能改變?我的意思是,呃,分開或類似的東西,把這張地圖扔掉。

I knew I'd like you.

=> 我知道我會喜歡你。

You mean I'm right? The expanding-universe model shows|that bodies are constantly moving apart.

=> 你是說我是對的?膨脹宇宙模型表明身體總是在不斷移動。

- Since the Stargate was built|- The coordinates have changed.

=>- 由於星際之門建成|- 坐標已經改變。

Why does it work|between Abydos and Earth? Abydos may be the closest planet|in the network to Earth.

=> 為什麼它在Abydos和地球之間工作? Abydos可能是地球網路中最接近的行星。

The closer they are|the less the difference in relative position|due to expansion.

=> 它們越接近,由於擴展的相對位置的差異就越小。

In a few thousand years it won't work|between Earth and Abydos either.

=> 在幾千年之內,它也不會在地球和阿拜多斯之間工作。

- Unless you adjust for the displacement.

=>- 除非你調整位移。

|- With this map as a base, that's easy.

=>|- 以這個地圖為基礎,這很容易。

All we do is correct for Doppler shift.

=> 我們所做的一切正確的多普勒頻移。

Then I can make a computer model|that will predict the adjustments needed|to make the gate work.

=> 然後,我可以製作一個計算機模型,以預測為使大門工作所需的調整。

OK, so what did we just figure out? Any civilisation that could build|this gate network would be able to compensate|for 50,000 years of stellar drift.

=> 好的,那我們剛剛弄清楚了什麼?任何能夠建立這個門戶網路的文明都將能夠彌補5萬年的恆星漂移。

(O'Neill) So the Stargate|can go other places? The aliens could've come from anywhere.

=> (奧尼爾)所以星際之門|可以去其他地方?外星人可能來自任何地方。

Man, you gotta give Daniel credit.

=> 男人,你得給丹尼爾信用。

|She is one beautiful woman.


(rumbling) (soldier) We got company, boys! Move! Move! Take cover! (women and children wail) (rapid gunfire) (rapid gunfire continues) Sha're! Shim Rota! (screams) No! (grunts) No! Skaara! This is not your weapon.

=> (隆隆)(士兵)我們有公司,男孩!移動!移動!採取掩護! (婦女和兒童嚎)大哭)(迅速的槍聲)(迅速的槍聲繼續)沙兒! Shim Rota! (尖叫聲)不! (咕嚕聲)不! Skaara!這不是你的武器。

|Where did you get it? (distorted) Good choice, Teal'c.

=>|你從哪裡得到的? (扭曲)不錯的選擇,Teal'c。

Perfect specimen.

=> 完美的標本。

(Sha're wails) No! Stop it! Stop it! Skaara! Skaara! You may be the one.

=> (Sha're哭泣)不!停下來!停下來! Skaara! Skaara!你可能是一個。

(moans) (babies cry) Sha're! Bolaa (Bolaa) There's so There's so many.

=> (呻吟)(嬰兒哭)Sha're! Bolaa(Bolaa)有這麼多。

- What?|- So many of them.

=>- 什麼? - - 其中有很多

It's all right.

=> 沒關係。

|Just tell me what happened.


- (rasps) It was Ra|- What's going on? Ra is dead.

=>- (rasps)是Ra |- 發生了什麼事? Ra死了。

Tao qua, Ra.

=> 陶德鐳

No Ra I saw He took Sha're.

=> 沒有Ra我看見他帶走了Sha're。

He took Skaara into the Chaapa-ai.

=> 他把斯卡拉帶到沙巴艾。

Where? Did you see? Did you see? What's going on, Daniel? Could there be another Ra? How the hell should I know? I should've left the barricade up.

=> 哪裡?你看到嗎?你看到嗎?丹尼爾怎麼了會不會有另一個Ra?我該怎麼知道?我應該已經離開了街壘。

|This is my fault.


Come on, come on.

=> 好啦好啦。

Ferretti needs medical attention now! Go! Help him! I can send you back.

=> 法拉帝現在需要醫療服務!走!幫助他!我可以送你回來

You're coming with us this time.

=> 你這次跟我們一起來

|I've got orders.


I don't care about your orders.

=> 我不在乎你的命令。

My wife is out there.

=> 我的妻子在那裡。

|So is Skaara.

=>| Skaara也是。

We can only get 'em back|if you come with us.

=> 我們只能讓他們回來,如果你跟我們一起來。

Ferretti might've seen those coordinates.

=> 法拉帝可能已經看到了這些坐標。

Captain, do you have the video? I've got everything I need.

=> 船長,你有視頻嗎?我有我需要的一切。

So many (Jackson) Ni-ya! Ni-ya After we go through the Chaapa-ai, you have to bury it like we did before,|and then leave this place.

=> 那麼多(傑克遜)倪亞!倪丫我們經過查帕愛之後,必須像以前一樣埋葬它,然後離開這個地方。

You come back? No, I can't.

=> 你回來?不,我不能。

Nobody can.

=> 沒人能。

|That's what I'm telling you.


Not for a long time.

=> 不是很長時間。

As soon as we're gone,|I want you to close it, bury it.

=> 一旦我們走了,我要你把它關掉,埋葬它。

Put a big heavy cover stone over it.

=> 把一塊厚重的石頭蓋在上面。

Nothing good can ever come through|this gate.

=> 這個大門沒有任何好處可以通過。

Do you understand me? You came through it, Daniel.

=> 你明白我說的嗎?丹尼爾,你經歷了這件事。

Do you remember the story I told you? How the ancient Egyptians|cut themselves off from Ra? That is what you have to do.

=> 你還記得我告訴過你的故事嗎?古埃及人如何將自己從鐳中剪除?那就是你必須做的。

Then, in one year from this day, you take the cover stone away.

=> 然後,從這一天開始的一年之內,你把蓋石拿走了。

I will try to bring Sha're home with me|on that day.

=> 那天我會嘗試把Sha're帶回家。

But if I don't make it back,|if I don't If I don't return, then you must|bury the gate again forever.

=> 但是如果我不回來的話,如果我不回來,如果我不回來,那麼你就必須永遠把門關上。

Joa qua? You tell Sha're's father "in one year".

=> Joa qua?你在一年內告訴Sha're的父親。

(technician) Stand by for arrival.

=> (技術員)待命。

Stand by for arrival.

=> 等待到達。

Incoming traffic.

=> 傳入流量。

(Kawalsky) Get the medic! Get the medic! Close the iris! Close the iris! (PA) Wormhole disengaged.

=> (Kawalsky)得到醫生!得到醫生!關閉虹膜!關閉虹膜! (PA)蟲洞分離。

What the hell's that, sir? That's our insurance against|any more surprises.

=> 這到底是什麼,先生?這是我們的保險,以防止更多的驚喜。

Get the gauze on him.


|We've got to stop the bleeding.


What happened, Colonel? Base camp was hit|while we were on recon, sir.

=> 上校怎麼了?我們正在調查時,大本營遭到襲擊,先生。

- The same hostiles who attacked us?|- That's a fair guess.

=>- 那些攻擊我們的敵人?|- 這是一個很好的猜測。

Jackson's wife|and one of our kids was kidnapped.

=> 傑克遜的妻子和我們的一個孩子被綁架了。

Your kids? From the previous mission, sir.

=> 你的孩子?先前的任務,先生。

General, hi.

=> 一般,嗨。

Daniel Jackson.

=> 丹尼爾傑克遜

Um, I'd like to be on the team|that goes after them.

=> 呃,我想要加入他們的隊伍。

You're not in any position|to make demands, Jackson.

=> 傑克遜,你沒有提出任何要求。

C-Chel nok, her.

=> C-Chel nok,她。

No! No! Skaara! Skaara! Your death cannot help her.

=> 沒有!沒有! Skaara! Skaara!你的死無法幫助她。

I'm not afraid of you! (bleeping) (O'Neill) Doc says he's gonna make it.

=> 我不害怕你! (泄氣)(奧尼爾)醫生說他會做的。

Yes, sir.

=> 是的先生。

You gonna stay here all night? Yes, sir.

=> 你會整晚待在這裡?是的先生。


=> 嘿。

They don't know what to do with me.

=> 他們不知道該怎麼辦

And I don't know what to do with myself.

=> 我不知道該怎麼辦


=> 來吧。

Let's get outta here.

=> 我們在這裡出去

(Daniel sneezes) - Nice catch.

=> (丹尼爾打噴嚏) - 很好。

|- Thank you.

=>|- 謝謝。


=> 抱歉。

(clears throat) Gate travel|always makes my allergies (blows) Sorry.

=> (清除喉嚨)門旅行|總是使我的過敏(打擊)對不起。

So, you were saying.

=> 所以,你在說。

Anyway, um As soon as you left|they realised they were free.

=> 無論如何,當你離開時,他們意識到他們是自由的。

I mean, Abydos was their world|for the taking.

=> 我的意思是,Abydos是他們的世界。

Had a little party, did you? Oh, yeah.

=> 有一個派對,是嗎?哦耶。

Big, big party.

=> 大,大派對

They treated me like their saviour.

=> 他們把我當作自己的救世主。

|It was, um embarrassing.


It's amazing you turned out so normal.

=> 你真的很正常。

Well, if it wasn't for Sha're,|I probably She was the complete opposite|of everyone else.

=> 那麼,如果不是因為Sha're,我可能與其他人完全相反。

She laughed every time I tried to do|some chore they all took for granted.

=> 每次我試圖做一些他們都認為理所當然的事情時,她就大笑起來。

Like, um, grinding yaphetta flour.

=> 就像呃研磨麵粉。

I mean, have you ever tried|to grind your own flour? I'm trying to kick the flour thing.

=> 我的意思是,你有沒有試過|磨自己的麵粉?我正試著把麵粉的東西踢掉

(chuckles) This is going straight to my head.

=> (笑)這是直奔我的頭。

What time is it?|I must have gate lag.

=> 現在幾點?我必須有門檻滯后。

Daniel, for crying out loud,|you've had one beer.

=> 丹尼爾,因為大聲喊叫,你喝了一杯啤酒。

You're a cheaper date than my wife was.

=> 你比我老婆還要便宜

Yes, when am I going to meet your wife? Oh, probably, uh, never.