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[United States– 2004/2010 – 6 seasons – Adventure, Science-Fiction] Following a plane accident, a group of survivors found themselves on an apparently remote, lifeless Pacific island. While waiting for help, they must learn how to survive on the island and with each other. But the isolated area also contains many mysteries… Lost is a very captivating series and was put together very well. The action unfolds on two levels: in the present, you see the mysteries of the island; in flashbacks, you see the past of one of the characters. What』s amazing is that this show manages to pull you in and keep you interested, with situations that build upon each other in interesting ways. I』ve watched 3 or 4 episodes at a time, only stopping because of not being able to stay up any longer.【美國-2004/2010-6季-冒險/科幻】一次飛機事故之後,一群倖存者們發現自己身處太平洋上一座偏遠又死氣沉沉的孤島上。在等待救援的同時,他們必須學會如何在這座孤島上生存、同他人一起。然而這座與世隔絕的島嶼上還隱藏著許多不為人知的秘密……《迷失》是部攝人心魄的連續劇,構思精妙。故事從兩個層面展開:現實中,你可以看到島上的神秘事件;閃回中,你可以看到每個人物的過去。這部劇故事情境環環相扣,吊足觀眾胃口,令人稱絕。我一次看三四集,只因太晚撐不下去了才作罷。

Language Concerns語言要點

In Lost, you hear a wide range of accents, which helps train your ear. You can really hear the differences in the characters』 English, whether they are young, old, American, British, Australian, or Scottish. The vocabulary is varied and covers many areas since each character has his or her own unique way of talking.在《迷失》中,你能聽到多種不同的口音,有助訓練聽力。你能夠真正聽到不同角色說不同英語——無論是年輕人、老人、美國人、英國人、澳大利亞人或是蘇格蘭人。辭彙多樣、涉獵領域廣泛,因為每個角色都有其獨特的說話方式。

Prison Break《越獄》

[United States – 2005/2009- 4 seasons – Action, Thriller] Lincoln Burrows is waiting on Death Row in Fox River penitentiary after having been found guilty of murdering the U.S. Vice President』s brother. But Michael Scofield thinks his brother Lincoln is a scapegoat, and being blamed. He devises a plan to not only get incarcerated in the same jail as his brother, but to also escape together. The young protagonist』s knack for architecture allows him to craft a brilliant plan, which is one of the most fascinating things about the show. The political angle and major suspense also make it a good watch.【美國-2005/2009-4季-動作/驚險】被判謀殺美國副總統的兄弟之後,林肯·巴羅斯在狐狸河監獄的死囚牢房中等待死亡的降臨。但是,邁克爾·斯科菲爾德認為他的哥哥林肯是替罪羊,在代人受過。他想出了一個計劃,不僅可以監禁他哥哥所在的監獄,還能一起逃脫。這位年輕主人公對建築造詣頗深,能使得他制定絕妙好計——這是全劇最吸引人心的賣點,另一看點是該劇的政治視角和主打懸念。

Language Matters語言要點

After having watched all 4 seasons, I』ve mastered vocabulary dealing with criminal behavior, incarcerated life, and engineering. Since the plot takes place in an American prison, there』s plenty of slang and a good amount of strong language.看了四季之後,我掌握了犯罪行為、監禁生涯和工程學辭彙。由於故事發生在美國監獄,劇中有大量俚語和激烈言辭。

Breaking Bad《絕命毒師》

[United States – 2008/2013 – 5 seasons – Drama] An honest Chemistry professor (Walter White, 50 years old) is afflicted with cancer, and to take care of his pregnant wife, and his handicapped son, he begins making drugs with one of his former students.【美國-2008/2013-5季-劇情】一位老實的化學教授(沃爾特·懷特,50歲)罹患癌症,為照顧其生懷六甲的妻子和殘疾的兒子,開始和他以前的一個學生一起制毒。

This series is one of the best. It』s got suspense, beautiful visuals, and great acting. It』s my favorite series (Sam).這是最棒的連續劇之一。故事情節懸念迭起,視覺效果美奐美輪,演技卓爾不群,是我最愛的連續劇。(山姆)

Language Matters語言要點

A little like Prison Break, the vocabulary you learn with Breaking Bad is criminal and drug talk. Jesse Pinkman uses a lot of slang, but Walter White, the teacher, talks rather normally.和《越獄》有點相似,《絕命毒師》中的辭彙有關犯罪和毒品。傑西·平克曼使用了大量的俚語,但沃爾特·懷特作為老師使用的語言比較常規。

Grey』s Anatomy《實習醫生格蕾》

[United States – 2005 – 7+ seasons – Medical Drama] The Grey of the title refers to Meredith, a surgeon in residence at the make-believe Seattle Hospital. The series alternatives between the stories of patients and those of the doctors. Slowly but surely, we learn about each person that works there and the relationship they have with each other. Grey』s Anatomy episodes are well written. Each case involves a mix of themes including friendship, love, jealousy, and life.【美國-2005-7+季-醫療/劇情】劇名中的格蕾指的是梅雷迪斯,他在假想西雅圖醫院工作,是名住院外科醫師。這部連續劇輪流講述病人和醫生的故事。漸漸地,我們可以切實了解每個在那裡工作的人以及他們彼此間的關係。《實習醫生格蕾》劇集寫得很好。每個案例都有一系列主題,包括友誼,愛情,猜忌和生活。

Language Matters語言要點

Obviously in a series like this one, you hear a lot of medical and scientific terminology. Even native speakers may not understand much of this jargon. Besides the specialized vocabulary, you do get to hear many idiomatic expressions (common phrases that don』t translate easily into other languages).很顯然,在這樣一部連續劇中,你能夠聽到大量醫學術語及科學術語。即便母語人士也不一定能夠理解其中的許多行話。除了專業辭彙,你也會聽到許多慣用語(一些不大容易翻譯成其他語言的常用片語)。


[United States – 2007- still on air – 6+ seasons – Comedy] Californication tells the existential ups and downs in the life of Hank Moody, a writer from New York who is working on his nihilistic book God Hates Us All. Forced to move to Los Angeles, which he hates, the protagonist is torn between his attempts to salvage his career and his relationship with his ex (whom he still loves, and with whom he has a child). The show is funny, with David Duchovny playing the main character. Between sexual adventures, alcohol and writing, Californication speaks on hedonism and transgressive philosophy in a funny way, with the media industry of California in the background.【美國-2007/未完結-6+季-喜劇】《加州靡情》講述了來自紐約的作家漢克·穆迪生活中的起起伏伏,他忙著寫他的虛無主義小說《神恨世人》。不得已他搬到了洛杉磯,他恨那個地方,他掙扎著拯救自己的事業,費力地挽救和前任的愛情(他仍愛著她,兩人育有一子)。這部搞笑的劇集由大衛·杜楚尼主演。《加州靡情》以情愛冒險、飲酒以及寫作貫穿全劇,以加州媒體行業作為背景,通過一種有趣的方式講述了享樂主義以及道德違背哲學。