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1. The biggest of them all! The Enchanted Story Book Castle is the tallest, largest and most interactive Disney castle in the world.


2. The 963 acre park which cost $5.5billion to build is said to be the cheapest out of all the Disneyland resorts.


3. Shanghai Disneyland『s ticket prices the lowest out of all of the theme parks.



The theme park offers both regular and peak-priced tickets, with regular pricing set at 370 yuan $56 and peak pricing for high-demand dates set at 499 yuan.


Pricing during the grand opening period from June 16 to 30 will be 499 yuan.



1. Buy Souvenirs in Advance


Disney has infiltrated practically every industry, which makes it easy to find Disney items anywhere, from Walmart, Target, and your local grocery store to department stores and Amazon. Youcan save a lot of money by purchasing items before your trip at these less-expensive retailers than at Disneyland.


2. Make an Autograph Book


An autograph book is seen as a must-have by many Disneyland enthusiasts and is a memory you can take home with you. These books can cost anywhere from $7.95 to $19.95 at the Disney Store andup to $30 for the latest-and-greatest autograph book at Disneyland, such as the park's 60th anniversary edition.Other options can get the job done for under $5. For example, you can buy asmall, generic photo album; cute memo pads or notebooks.


3. Eat Breakfast Before You Arrive


Breakfast is almost as pricey as lunch or dinner if you eat inside the Disneyland parks. You can save quite a bit of money by eating breakfast before you go to the park.


4. Bring Your Own Food and Drinks


While Disney's official policy says it does not allow outside food or drinks, Disneyland does allow most food items. Take snacks for throughout the day or pack a lunch to enjoy in the picnicarea just outside the main entrance of the park.


5. Arrange Your Trip Around the Off-Season Times


Lots of things, from airfare to souvenirs, can get more expensive during Disneyland's busier times of the year. To make the most of your money, plan your trip during the park's off-season.The months of September through March -- excluding December -- are not as crowded at the parks, and even hotels can be less expensive during these months.



上海迪士尼的試行 The Trial Run of Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland will be open soon, as the day is so close, there are all kinds of trial run information released. The public is so looking forward to it and they want to have the honorbecome the first visitors. While after scanning the released information, they feel unsatisfied.


The first is about the high entrance ticket. According to the average ticket of about 400 RMB, a family always need to pay at least for 3 persons, which means it takes them more than 1000RMB. It is only the lowest budget for the local visitors, while for the nonlocal visitors, they need to pay for the hotel, which is a great expense.


The second is the food in Disneyland. The offcial website has listed the price that offered in the amusement park. A beef burger with cheese is 80 RMB, a child-sized hot dog is 60 RMB and soon. Many people think it is such high price for them to pay. In that way, a family only pays for the food will cost more than 500 RMB!


The trial run of Shanghai Disneyland exposes many problems and the public concerns about the price. Maybe adjusting the price can attracts more tourists.



為什麼小孩都愛迪士尼 Why Kids Like Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland finally opens to the tourists after so many years』 building. It is the only one in mainland, before its open, people will go to HongKong to take a visit of Disneyland. NowShanghai disneyland is much larger. I have been to HongKong Disneyland, there were so many families, the parents companied their kids. Disneyland is the kids』 paradise, they have much fun here.There are so many projects, the kids can play according to their level. The atmosphere is so lively, there will be some parades every hour, it makes the kids feel like they are in the fairytale world. What』s more, they can see all kinds of the cartoon characters, such as Snow White, Mickey Mouse and so on. Disneyland provides a stage for the kids to follow their heroes, it alsoprotects their wonderful world.



米老鼠的由來 The Coming of Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is very popular around the world since it came to the world. Now Mickey Mouse and its family members have become the main characters in Disneyland. They bring so much joy to thepeople. The father of Mickey Mouse Walt Disney created this lovely character with the funny story.


When Walt Disney was very young, he studied art in Chicago. He worked with another young artist in the old building. They often saw mice running in and out of the old building, so they hadthe idea to draw a cartoon mouse. The mouse was not look like the real mouse, it stood on two legs and had big eyes and ears. The most funny thing was that it wore white gloves its hands.


They called it Mickey, this is how the great cartoon character comes. Soon this lovely and funny image got famous around the world. It appeared in the screen. The movie was favored by thechildren. Then it also appeared in the world』s biggest entertainment park Disneyland and amused so many people.


Walt Disney is such great that he created a popular idol Mickey Mouse.